Thursday, 28 February 2013


want: to go to agideas in melbourne this april. "each year agideas brings 40 internationally acclaimed creative people to melbourne, those who have pushed the boundaries and excelled in their area of creativity. they present in programs such as design conferences, business seminars, workshops and panel discussions'

need: notebooks. i need lots and lots of notebooks. maybe some calendars too. i still haven't figured out what keeps me most organised and with the busiest year of my life ahead of me, i am terribly scared of losing track of time.

wear: i'm looking past the necklace in the picture above (although i'd wear that too if you're offering). for years i have been promising myself i would finally get a simple, slightly-too-big, grey t-shirt to wear with my favourite black jeans. i still haven't. but when i do, boy... i'll never get rid of it. 

read: i'm over half way through the book thief by markus zusak. i was a bit overwhelmed at the start - and i wasn't convinced i'd be able to get into it. but i did. now i just need a weekend free so i can finish it. i can't wait!  

love, N


  1. I love notebooks too can never have too many!

  2. Nancye - I've had The Book Thief sitting on my shelf to read for a year so I'm going to get past the first few pages and get into it like you! I've heard it's very good.


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