Saturday, 23 February 2013


want: this speckled grey and mint geo necklace by AMM jewellery. or if i had my ears pierced, i'd go for something like these black earringsso good! check out the rest of the shop on etsy, or the makers blog at

need: i'm one of those people who ceases to function like a normal human being the second i'm feeling down (which happens way too often). not only would a jumper like this kindly let the people of the world know that i don't always look so stinkin' miserable, but it looks ridiculously comfortable too.

wear: this blouse from asos. that's all i have to say. 

read: i have buried myself in frankie magazines this week. the house is covered with the beautiful things - both on the floor and walls. 

Love, N

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  1. LOVE your new blog bret and nancye!!

    (nice picks too nancye)


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