Monday, 10 June 2013


have you been watching the block? i have. it's one of the only tv shows i've ever really got hooked on, though i'll admit i am getting a bit tired of the "drama". but it's worth watching for all the good design ideas. for this last week's guest bedroom and ensuite, madi and jarrod used the most amazing chartreuse/yellow wall paint. i fell in love! i would never have considered that colour for walls, but i totally want to try it now! these pictures below in no way do the colour justice. the walls here look a bit custard-y. if you want to see the colour a little better, watch the room tour here.

and then trix and johnno used some beautiful white tiles in their ensuite. it looked like crinkled paper/origami. so so pretty!

so much inspiration!

xx Bret

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