Thursday, 5 September 2013


so, if you were to drive past our land, this is what you'd currently see. fun stuff! i'm amazed by how much has already happened in just a few days.  sorry about the grainy photos, i took these on the iphone at dusk, so they're not the clearest.

anyway, you can see from the photo below that we're building on a slight hill. our living areas are at the front of the house to take full advantage of the sun, so since the front part of the house will be elevated we still have a great amount of privacy which is super. just below that horizontal beam is where the living room floor will be. by the time you reach the back of the house, the rooms will be sitting on the ground again.

the land is a funny shape, narrow at the front and wide at the back, like a triangle. here's a sketch to give you an idea of where the house will sit.

the backyard is going to be so big and pretty in the summer. and the big deck at the front of the house will get sun all day long. we'll be spending more time outside then in i reckon!
our house is a nice comfy size. definitely all we need at the moment with just us and noo. here's a sketch of the floor plan...

the design is relatively open. i'm not a major fan of living/kitchen/dining all in the same room. i like this layout because while i can watch what nancy's doing while i'm cooking, they still feel like separate zones. as soon as you walk through the front door, you look straight into the dining room, so i really want that area to have a big impact. i've got lots of ideas that i'll talk about another day!
the wall of windows in the living room is going to capture the sun all day long. it will be heavenly! we're seriously considering building a window seat along that entire wall. against the opposite wall is our little study nook which i'm going to make so pretty :).
the bedrooms are cosy sizes. no major architectural features, but i've got plans to make them really fun and exciting nonetheless. also, i'm a big fan of having laundries in garages. it free's up valuable space and it's the second last room on my list of "spaces to make beautiful" (garage is last).

so there you have it! i'll post about the exterior tomorrow if i get round to it. we're leaving tonight for a weekend getaway to sydney to catch up with family (and maybe do some house shopping.)
have a great night!

xx Bret

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