Tuesday, 8 October 2013


the slab has been poured! i'm so excited! i feel like the house is finally at the stage now where others can join in on the excitement as well. before, when it was just a few trenches dug into a plot of land, most people weren't doing the same nervous, happy jig i was when we showed them (totally understandable). but now, it's more real and much easier to visualize. here on in it really gets exciting (the frame will go up soon! eeek!) 

kitchen and dining

bedrooms, bathrooms and garage on the far side
kitchen, dining and living room

 this empty space (below) is the living room, which will be built on a timber frame instead of a concrete slab since it is pretty high of the ground. i think that's one of the things happening next. 

i've just realised that i always take pictures on the same side of the house, facing our next door neighbours. i should take more pictures on the opposite side because that faces out to our garden and a pretty clump of trees, which are so much nicer to look at. 

so there it is. the most beautiful chunk of concrete i've ever laid eyes on. hope you had a great weekend!

xx Bret 

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